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We are a modern and flexible company, created with a passion for innovative solutions. We have great theoretical preparation and practical experience in working with metals, machining various materials and building and programming machines. Our specialists have for many years been associated with the AGH University of Science and Technology, where they gained experience and scientific degrees in numerous projects for the world of science and industry. Today, we use the knowledge and experience gained by translating our passions into the production of unique furniture and functional woodworking machines. We are not limited by a template approach, we focus on the highest quality of workmanship and unique design specializing in individual tailor-made orders.



Design is not everything. Behind our projects, there is a modern technology and the highest quality materials that allow us to ensure that even after many years your furniture will be presented as well as on the day of purchase. 

We are sure of the quality of each product leaving our workshop, which is why each of them has a burnt serial number associated with a certificate of originality that guarantees compliance with the highest production standards.
We carry out orders according to the author’s boldest projects, we suggest cooperation with our designers in order to perfectly match the furniture created to your space.


We are happy to cooperate with architects and designers providing convenient terms of cooperation. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our commercial offer.


The secret of our furniture are resilient, lightweight, elastic and easy to maintain multi-layered pillows. We sew them from the Spanish Cerdalon -weave of acrylic fiber coated with Teflon. In our offer we also have an option with the American Sunbrella, which is unrivalled when it comes to weather resistance.

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Łukasz Wzorek

10/18 Kapelanka Street
30-347 Cracow, Poland

Tel.: 696 605 544
E-mail: biuro@wzorek.systems