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About us


Wzorek Systems is a design and manufacturing company creating Polish contemporary design of durable and harmonious forms enriched with innovative solutions.

Our experience dates back to the best technical university in Poland – AGH University of Science and Technology, where while working we perfected our skills in materials and gained knowledge supported by accumulated scientific achievements. Moreover, we are a family company, for generations we have been gaining experience in designing and manufacturing of beautiful and functional products.

Thanks to this knowledge and experience our products are characterized by high quality, precision and attention to detail, high functionality, as well as unique design.

Our offer includes in&outdoor furniture, whose names are the names of well-known and respected scientists, whose works we draw inspiration from when designing the functionality and appearance of our furniture. These collections are complemented by furniture accessories such as flowerbeds, flower pots, tables and stands made precisely in a minimalist style.

Our design team and machine park allow us to produce both mass and individual pieces. Therefore, in order to meet the diverse requirements of our clients, we offer a consistent, comprehensive finishing of investments for both individual and business investors.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our portfolio and to dialogue and establish cooperation.

Łukasz Wzorek, PhD

President and Chief Executive Officer