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About Us

It is worth reaching beyond the horizons of thoughts

Wzorek Systems is a modern company created to combine the beauty of traditional craft art and innovative solutions related to the processing of materials.

Our genesis goes back to the best technical university in Poland – AGH University of Science and Technology, where we have been improving our skills in materials processing. Thanks to these experiences, our products are characterized by high quality as well as precision and attention to detail. The names of our collections are names of well-known and respected scientists who remind us that it is worth reaching beyond the horizons of thoughts.

All this to give you a unique and durable product in the form of minimalist furniture, characterized by a unique and timeless design.

dr inż. Łukasz Wzorek

Łukasz sprawdza jakość szlifów i spawów
Ikona fabryki


of machine park

Ikona maski spawalniczej

100 km

welds made

Ikona piły tarczowej

15 years

of experience in processing materials

Ikona liścia


ecological materials and technologies

Logo Forest Stewardship Council


high quality wood from responsible sources

Ikona polskiej flagi


the production process is based on polish materials

Ikona drewnianego pnia


high class ash, oak and nut wood


highest quality natural oils and wax oils by danish company Fiddes