Sunbrella and Cerdalon the secret of the resistance of our furniture


The secret of our furniture are resilient, lightweight, elastic and easy to maintain multi-layered pillows. To help you compose an ideal relaxation zone, we create them only from the highest quality sponges. Each pillow we sew has a zip, so you can take off the fabric and wash it, so you can enjoy the impeccable condition of your furniture for longer.  


Sunbrella is an unbeatable on the market outdoor fabric, whose acrylic fiber is dyed and tefloned in the mass, thanks to which it has certificates for cleaning with bleach. This fabric is breathableand also waterproof. It is characterized by high resistance to stains, UV rays and mold.

The manufacturer provides a five-year warranty on the fabric.  



The standard fabric that we offer for outdoor furniture is dralon, an acrylic fiber coated with Teflon, so that the fabric is resistant to moisture and dirt. The fabric is pleasant to the touch, breathable, resistant to UV rays, mold and fungi. Perfect for swimming pools, because it is resistant to chlorinated and salt water.