Colors in the kitchen

The kitchen is called the heart of the house, the meeting place of the household and guests, so it is so important to arrange and color selection. Nowadays, the palette of kitchen colors does not know the limits: The fashionable is white, contres and even blacks, while choosing to remember that colors should not only interact with the tastes of the owners, but also the size of the room and lighting. In addition to the optical magnification or reduction of the room, colors can calm, stimulate creativity and even help the appetite. So what colors to choose for your dream kitchen? Here are some suggestions.

Hokers set at the kitchen counter
Kitchen in White
Universal White

It will be great in kitchens open to the living room, because it gives the furniture a lightness, as well as a wide range of arrangements with rooms. Indispensable in the body of an underexposed kitchen cavity, at which the shimmy reflective countertops are well checked. White color blends well with natural wood in both modern and stylish arrangements.

Yellow works positively to improve the appetite, adds warmth and joy to the room. With yellow fronts, you can arrange an individual, bold, modern or classic kitchen, but it is worth remembering that the color in excess can tire. The Council is to break the color, eg. Violet. This color has at least three essential shades:

  • Citric – The most optimistic, great for arranging modern interiors,
  • Mustard-depending on the composition with other colors gives the possibility of arranging the interior of both modern and classical,
  • Sand – gives you the opportunity to arrange classic and elegant cuisine.
Wooden counters with hanging yellow cabinets
Kitchen counters with red cabinet fronts
Distinctive Red

Red color gives the kitchen dynamics and originality, great for modern interiors, it is worth to compose it with calm colors. Red cooperates with gray, white and beige, which will calm the vigorous nature of juicy reds. This colour is suitable for larger, well-lit rooms, smaller meters are visually reduced.

Elegant Grey


The gray in the kitchen is gaining popularity, because it gives the possibility of creating a non-trivial interior. The grey countertops blend well with wood, glass and intense colors. The multiplicity of shades of grey tones gives the possibility of beautiful arrangement of both small spaces (suggested choice of lighter color) and large spaces. Appropriately blended grey adds harmony and elegance to the kitchen.

White and grey kitchen with counter and table
Minimalist Black

It is well suited for the annexes open to the living room and in large spaces. It blends beautifully with glass, dark wood and shiny metal. With black color on the kitchen fronts you can create an individual, minimalist interior. The combination of black with white and intense yellow and red colours is also fashionable. In the black kitchen a huge role fully planned lighting.

Natural Blue

The Blue Kitchen gives the impression of lightness and spits. Perfect for a closed kitchen. The combination of blue and wood will give you the opportunity to leave the cold that gives this applause. However, it should be remembered that this color suppresses the appetite, so it is not necessary to use such an arrangement with the home of the inedible. It is ideal for those who want to silence themselves when cooking after a full day

Black kitchen counter with dark blue cabinet fronts